The objective of this study was to evaluate silage juice from green bio refineries in liquid diets to pigs and its’ effect on growth, cleanliness and health. Ninety-six (L × Y) × H organically raised pigs were fed either a control diet (C-diet) or a silage feed juice diet (SFJ-diet). The C-diet consisted of a commercial feed mixed with water prior to feeding. The SFJ-diet consisted of a lower ration of commercial feed mixed with silage feed juice (SFJ) instead of water, theoretically replacing 10% of the dietary crude protein content. All pigs consumed the juice and grew similarly, on average 0.48 kg/day. SFJ pigs were significantly dirtier on their back and head than C pigs (P < 0.001 for all), but cleanliness in the rectum area and in the pen did not differ. Silage juice had only minor effects on hygienic measures and could be a potential local feed ingredient to pigs.

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Magdalena Presto Åkerfeldt, Johanna Friman, Frida Dahlström, Anne Larsen & Anna Wallenbeck (2022): Juice from silage in green bio refineries – a potential feed ingredient in liquid diets to weaned pigs, Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A — Animal Science, DOI: 10.1080/09064702.2022.2118828