System analysis and cost-effectiveness studies

Chalmers has presented results from environmental and climate analyses as well as economic calculations to many different audiences, from individual farmers to policy makers at national and international level.

The new knowledge generated in the project is important for different actors in the implementation at different contexts and levels. Chalmers has also developed a model for environmental and economic calculations for using grasslands to produce protein feed and raw materials for bioenergy. The model can be used at different levels, from farm up to large farms.

Chalmers has made a case study (Balman, S. et al 2022) showing that there is a strong potential for green biorefineries in Sweden. It is estimated that protein feed and biomethane production from their expansion could amount to 154% of soybean meal imports and 13% of natural gas imports to Sweden, respectively.

System analysis and cost-effectiveness studies

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Christel Cederberg
Christel CederbergProfessor
Professor Christel Cederberg from Chalmers University of Technology conducts research in the area of sustainable biomass production with focus on agriculture and food. She has long experience of environmental sustainability assessments of food systems and is interested in how different assessment methods can be integrated. In on-going projects, she is exploring potentials for green biorefineries, food systems with improved nutrient cycles and options for increased carbon sequestrations in soils and forests.
Sebnem Yilmaz Balaman
Sebnem Yilmaz BalamanPhD, Researcher
Sebnem Yilmaz Balaman`s research focuses on development of modeling approaches for design and management of biomass-based production chains with a focus on economic and environmental aspects. Currently, her research explores how green biorefineries can be integrated into the circular supply chains that integrate agricultural production, green biorefineries and biogas production effectively and what would the environmental benefits from this integration be. She utilises modelling to assess the economic viability and deployment potential of green biorefineries in Sweden.

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