Optimisation of protein concentrates
and harvesting methods

During the four years of the Green Valley project, various experiments have been carried out at Aarhus University. These have been carried out at the AU Viborg demonstration farm (Foulum).

Experiments have been carried out to optimise the yield of protein concentrate, to optimise the harvesting method to obtain the highest possible yield, and to carry out biogas experiments. One of the main conclusions was that the plant could continuously produce high quality protein concentrates with a crude protein content of about 50%.

It was also concluded that the harvesting method, the time between harvesting and processing and the quality of the clover grass are the three most important factors in determining the efficiency of protein concentrate production.

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Uffe Jørgensen
Uffe JørgensenProfessor
Professor Uffe Jørgensen, Department of Agroecology and director of Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO), Aarhus University, is experienced in the research of optimizing perennial cropping systems with the dual purpose of feeding the bioindustry and of improving the environmental and climate profile of primary agricultural production.
Morten Ambye-Jensen
Morten Ambye-JensenPhD, Lektor
Ass. Professor Morten Ambye-Jensen, Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, Aarhus University, has a solid background and experience in process engineering and biotechnology. Morten is the leading researcher and project manager of the Green Biorefining Group at Aarhus University, and he has managed the establishing and developing of the demonstration platform at AU Viborg (Research Centre unit Foulum).

Materials from the trials

Here you’ll find all the documentation and images from this trial.

AU Viborg (Research Centre Unit Foulum)

The demonstration platform is unique of its kind. Since it was inagurated in 2019, it has delivered solid data and state-of-the art-results in the technology of green biorefinery.