See the movie where Morten Ambye-Jensen, Associate Professor at Aarhus University, talks about the processes outside at the biorefinery, in the process hall and in the laboratory at the demontration platform at reasearch center unit Foulum.

Great potential in Danish Green Biorefinery – from grass to products

Aarhus University has a unique green biorefinery demonstration platform at AU Viborg, Foulum. Here, The Green Biorefining Technologies Group process and test agricultural and marine biomasses, such as clover, alfalfa, seaweed, and exotic biomasses from abroad. The biomass is transformed into products that contribute to a more sustainable and biobased society, such as protein for food, animal feed, biomaterials, bioenergy, and biofertilizers. In Denmark, there is huge potential for growing more perennial green crops with significant environmental advantages. By increasing our domestic agricultural biomass production and green biorefining capacity, we can begin to rely less heavily on imports like soya.

Morten Ambye-Jensen - Aahus University Denmark - Green Valleys 2.0